LIGHTING is part of everyday life in any home.  At first it may seem to just relate to lighting a room using traditional light lamps, or more recent LED technologies, but the use of shading and blinds also controls light in just as an important way, to ensure ultimate comfort day or night.  Automated systems allow for lighting and blinds to change the brightness of a room automatically, whether on a fixed time clock, linked to the day's sunrise and sunset times, or your location within the home. By using keypads with buttons instead of rotary dimmers or switches, this allows scenes to be selected easily.

CONTROL of all the aspects of a Smart Home can be made simpler by the use of an 'all-in-one' remote control system that can easily take control of every category of automated systems. Audio, Video, Lighting, Heating, Cooling, Door Entry, CCTV and more can all be linked to one central device, controlled by simplistic but powerful handheld remotes, wireless or wall-mounted touchscreens, via an app that can be used when at home or away on your mobile devices, or voice activated devices from Amazon and Google.