AUDIO + VIDEO can include many aspects of what we offer to our clients and are often the most attractive and exciting products to select for improving one's quality of life.  Audio and Video components such as high quality Speakers, Stereo and Cinema Amplifiers, Multi-room streaming devices, Televisions and Projectors, as well as other sound and visual devices such as CCTV camera recorders, Door Entry Communication, Telephony and VoIP technology all come under this category.

We specialise in selecting the right sensory technology to fit in with the style of the home, and the budget.  Choosing the right speakers isn't just a case of what sounds best, but also the design of the cabinets and finish all plays a part.  Recent technology means we can offer 'invisible speakers' housed in the walls or ceilings, perfect for the design conscious, yet sound savvy.

No home cinema would be complete without good quality video in the form of flat screen televisions or a dedicated movie projector.  In today's market there are many offerings of displays to suit a large range of quality levels and with Televisions becoming sleeker (now as thin as a phone), one must consider the audio quality also.  Soundbars are often a necessary addition to ensure better sound than a flat-panel can offer.  All video devices, such as speakers and TVs can be housed in motorised panels, located in walls, ceilings, or cabinets, hidden when not in use.